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Garage Door Repair Roy UT

Here at Garage Door Repair Roy UT we know it can be really frustrating when your garage door just stops working. Where will you park your car? What about all those stored items in there, will they be safe? Like any mechanisms, things can go wrong and over time, components will more than likely need to be replaced. We have worked for many years in garage door repair here in Roy, Utah and have fixed all sorts of problems little and small.




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A door that is used often can unfortunately suffer normal wear and tear over the years and like anything else, it needs to be maintained so it is always functioning as it should be. Springs, which are integral to the doors operation, are often one of the first components to show signs of ageing as they are one of the main aspects of the entire system. Over time they can become weakened and eroded showing signs of rust and, when this happens, it is important to get them replaced. A spring that is neglected will eventually snap and if you don’t know when it will happen, it can be dangerous. We can inspect and replace your existing springs both swiftly and securely so your door gets back to its former glory. For any queries regarding repair on a garage door springs in Roy, Utah, please call us today and we’d be happy to help.

Garage door openers are great when you don’t want to manually open the door yourself. They are usually operated by a remote control or a fixed wall keypad so you can control when it opens and who exactly can get in and out. Sometimes, when people decide to get a new garage door they forget that it needs to be compatible with the existing opener. Indeed, all doors are different and require specific openers that can lift the exact weight so, if your door is failing to lift, it could be that the opener is incompatible and your door is simply too heavy. We can quickly carry out an inspection and ascertain the condition of your opener and advise on a suitable course of action. If you’d like more details on repair work on garage door openers here in Roy, Utah then we look forward to hearing from you.

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